Fine Quality Hardware, Built on Craftsmanship

We're committed to offering traditional cabinet hardware designed for modern functionality. Breathe new life into your treasured cabinets to cherish its timeless beauty.

Inspired by Centries of Japanese History and Culture

Since the founding on 1976, Morikuni has been the pioneer in Japanese roofing and home adornment pieces. With an intention to bring purposeful elegance to your home, Morikuni has expanded their collection to cabinet hardware in a myriad of designs inspired by Japanese traditions and historical motifs. Our unique hardwares are now celebrated by furniture makers, interior designers, and home makers around the globe.

Thoughts from the Founder

The phrase 「一隅を照らす」(Ichi-gu wo Terasu) is translated to English as "illuminate a corner" or "light up a small space." It conveys the idea that by being who you authentically are and shining in your own world by making contributions, no matter how small, it can help to create a brighter and bigger impact in a whole.

At Morikuni, we believe in lighting up the corners of your world through our purposeful offerings. Often overlooked yet essential, hardware adds details and refinement that effortlessly enhance your everyday experiences at home.

By embracing the the idea that any positive change begins small, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the wellness of your surrounding - one piece at a time.

- Daizo Sato

Commitment to Quality

All of our products are designed, crafted, and inspected in Japan. We're committed to bringing one-of-a-kind hardware to your home with utmost care.