[Asian Cabinet Hardware] Our cabinet hardware is used mainly in traditional Japanese chests (tansu).

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Our Installation Process


How to Install a Split Fastener Type Handle

  • Mark the location of the split fastener holes for the handle plate on the wood.

  • Drill holes in the marked locations.

  • Align the holes of the handle plate over the drilled holes, and nail the handle plate to the wood.

  • Insert the split fasteners into the handle plate, making sure the front of the handle is facing outward.

  • Turn the wood over to the reverse side.

  • Open the split fasteners at the bottom using a screwdriver. The handle will become loose if you do not open these at the bottom.

  • Make a fold in the split fasteners with pliers. The folded split fasteners can be cut if they are too long due to the thickness of the wood.

  • Pound the folded split fastener into the wood so that they can be covered with the split fastener cover to be installed later.

  • Place split fastener covers over the split fasteners in order to conceal them.

  • Pound in the covers with a hammer.

  • Pound in a rivet where the handle hits the wood.

  • Finished image.

How to Install a Screw Type Handle

  • Insert handle on the front side of the drawer.

  • Attach the provided washers and nuts.
    Inside Drawer

  • Tighten the nuts using needle-nose pliers.

  • Cut off the excess screw length.

  • Cover the nuts with the provided nut caps.

  • Finished (front)

How to Install Flush Door Pull

It is a small thing that can be opened with one finger.

Recess a shape of the hardware a bit smaller than the hardware itself and hammer it into the recess.
Be sure that the recess is not too big or too deep to prevent the door pull from coming off.
Apply glue to the recess and slowly hammer the door pull into the recess with a wooden hammer.
Be sure not to apply excessive glue to prevent it from squeezing out.


Descriptions About Tansu Cabinets